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Monthly wellness inhaler subscription (Choose blend)

Our aromatherapy inhalers are handcrafted to support a different daily need, naturally. We craft our inhalers using undiluted essential oils to enjoy all the benefits of essential oils without smelling up the whole room. These personal diffusers are safe and convenient to use. Great for use in the work place, traveling or just about anywhere. Our Spring collection includes: Citrus bliss (uplifting & awake) Lavender fields (calming & sleep) Empower ( self care) Rose is a rose (stress & anxiety) Fresh & fit (cravings) Mint for me (focus & concentration) Airy (seasonal allergies) Choose your blend and enjoy the benefits of essential oils on the go!

Like a boss

This blend was handcrafted for the boss ladies out there who keep it moving. Getting things done is important but taking a moment for yourself to refresh is self-care. This scent will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Easy to use on the go. Pop it in your purse and take a few moments in your day to recharge. This blend is handcrafted using Lime, Frankincense and Peppermint.